rat with squeak 30cmrat with squeak 30cm

Living Nature – Rat with Squeak 30cm

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Living Nature - Rat with Squeak 30cm

This realistically detailed and super-soft toy Rat is a wonderful gift for children who love these little critters.

With cute little whiskers, a super cuddly body and realistic features - this rat cuddly pet toy is a great gift for farm animal lovers.

Rats are known for their furry bodies and super long tails. They’re one of the most reproductive animals in the world, and can reproduce every three weeks. That’s one reason why there are more rats than humans in the world. Billions more in fact! They’re extremely social animals that live in communities, looking after each other by grooming, sleeping and playing together. That’s why rats make great pets. They love to be around people and will treat you as one of part of the pack. 

Fast Fact: The Sumatran bamboo rat can grow as large as a small cat! 

Habitat: Underground and overground. 

Believe it or not... A rat’s teeth never stop growing and can grow up to 5 inches per year.