Living Nature - Pet Rabbit 18CMLiving Nature - Pet Rabbit 18CM

Living Nature – Pet Rabbit 18CM

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Living Nature - Pet Rabbit 18CM

An ideal gift for children who would love a pet rabbit, this bunny soft toy requires only to be cuddled often! Perfect for storytime, this brown and white soft toy rabbit has been made from premium materials, giving it a realistic appearance.

Rabbits are easily recognised for their large pointed ears, twitchy noses and irresistible soft fur. Their fur is normally grey or fawn with dark tips on their ears and their tail. They’re found all over the world, except Antarctica. Rabbits live in lots of different areas like woodlands, farms, forests, deserts and wetlands, and burrow underground to form a collection of tunnels called warrens.  

Fast Fact: A warren can be home to up to 30 rabbits!  

Habitat: Woodland, farmland, Sand Dunes and city parks. 

Believe it or not...  Young rabbits are called kittens. 

  • Height: 18cm

  • Tag includes educational animal facts

  • Suitable from birth

Stuffing is made from recycled P.E.T Plastic.