living nature husky 20cmliving nature husky 20cm

Living Nature – Husky 20cm

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Living Nature - Husky 20cm

Bring your child’s imagination to life with the Living Nature Husky.

This adorable friend is looking for a furever home with someone who is always ready for cuddles! This cuddly dog toy is just like the real thing - a superb gift for anyone who would love to have a Husky as a pet.

Wolf-like in appearance, the husky originates from Siberia. Don’t be fooled, they are actually extremely friendly and make great pets. Whilst they love human contact, they do need gentle and firm training as a puppy. They’re full of energy and should be exercised for at least 2 hours a day. Don’t worry though, they’re bred for running so they’re the perfect jogging partner. They love cold weather and have lots of fur to keep them nice and warm. Their super fluffy tail can even be wrapped around their face, keeping them toasty while they’re sleeping. 

Fast Fact 

A husky’s howl can be heard from a whopping 10 miles away! 



Believe it or not...

Blue eyes are rare in dogs, but many huskies are born with blue eye peepers!