living nature - guinea pigliving nature - guinea pig

Living Nature – Guinea Pig 18cm

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Living Nature - Guinea Pig 18cm

This adorable and life-like Guinea Pig soft pet toy is a fun addition to your cuddly collection. Designed to look just like a real Guinea Pig, this adorable plush pet will delight children who love these cute critters.

Guinea Pigs are small animals which make popular household pets. Their downy fur can be short or long, black or white, brown or grey. It very much depends on the breed! They have a very gentle nature and love being held, stroked and played with. But because they’re so small you need to be gentle with them.  

Fast fact: They need plenty of rough food to stop their teeth growing so long.  

Habitat: From the mountains of South America to home 

Believe it or not... They have 4 toes on their front feet and 3 toes on their back.