Living Nature - Dutch Lop Ear Rabbit 30CMLiving Nature - Dutch Lop Ear Rabbit 30CM

Living Nature – Dutch Lop Ear Rabbit 30CM

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Living Nature - Dutch Lop Ear Rabbit 30CM

One of our best-selling gifts for children and adults alike, this gorgeously fluffy and cuddly pet toy bunny has been crafted to give the most premium of hugs. No need for a hutch, this sweet plush rabbit can be tucked in beside its best friend every night for storytime. Their cute-as-can-be looks make them incredibly popular household pets. Huge floppy ears, that droop at the side of the heads, are their defining feature. A furry round face and twitching black nose make this rabbit almost impossible not to take home.  

Fast Fact: They need plenty of rough food to stop their teeth from growing so long.  

Habitat: In the Home.

Believe it or not... The ears of this particular bunny help them regulate their body temperature. 

  • Approx. 24 cm

  • Suitable for Ages 0+

  • Swing tag includes educational facts about the animal, its habitat and food

Stuffing is made from recycled P.E.T Plastic.