siku - 4 wheel loader 2siku - 4 wheel loader 2

Siku – Liebherr L 556 4-Wheel Loader

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Siku - Liebherr L 556 4-Wheel Loader

Allrounder on the construction site - Wheel loaders are allrounders.

The articulated loader is at work on the construction site, for road building, in mixing plants, in quarries, and in tunnel building.

The Liebherr L 556 is particularly powerful, efficient, and versatile. The front loader with the huge shovel can be moved up and down, and has the power to clear things out of the way. The wheel loader in Liebherr design runs on rubberised tyres. A powerful, economical engine growls under the huge bonnet, which can be opened.

Scaled at 1:50

Product Dimensions:

w x d x h (mm)

171 x 55 x 73

Suitable for ages 3+