Llorens Dolls Zoe 28CM orange jacketLlorens Dolls Zoe 28CM orange jacket

Llorens – Zoe Orange Jacket 28 CM Doll

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Llorens - Zoe 28 CM Doll

A Llorens doll is special.

Artisan-made with thoughtfulness and care:

It’s made to last.

We have inherited a beautiful tradition at Muñecas Llorens: giving laughter and dreams to young children by creating dolls that inspire happiness.

While committed to childhood, education and learning, we are fully aware of the importance of play for emotional and intellectual development in children.

Muñecas Llorens, therefore, treats every one of its dolls with great care by using premium quality materials, making them entirely in Onil and adding a small piece of our heart to each and every one.

We’d like it to always remain with your child for those special times and for play.

With an incredible finish, Muñecas Llorens has taken care of every last detail to give their dolls personality with a great variety of dimensions and models.’

Not anatomically correct
Vinyl body
Includes dummy
Recommended for ages 3 years+