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Sylvanian Families – Friesian Family

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Sylvanian Families - Friesian Family

Hornbull Buttercup loves walking through the fields and woods around Sylvania all alone.

He likes the peace and quiet and gets all huffy and bad tempered if he is disturbed during his thoughtful strolls.

Some children find him frightening!

Daisy Buttercup is very nosey, and likes to see and know what is going on.

If she sees anyone out for a walk or off shopping, she will wander over to see what they are up to and have a chat!

Paddock Buttercup is very frisky, running, skipping and jumping everywhere, he just can't seem to stand still for long.

All this pent up energy makes Paddock very good at the playground game of 'catch' but he is at a disadvantage when the children play a game of 'hide and seek'.

Annabell Buttercup does not like to rush anything.

She walks slowly and gracefully, and has never been seen to run or even jog.

Getting ready for school in the morning takes her hours.


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