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Siku – Truck with Container

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Siku - Truck with Container

Products of all types are transported across the world using shipping containers.

By road, the containers are transported using trucks with special semi-trailers.

For great playroom enjoyment, SIKU is implementing this theme with the new Mercedes-Actros transport combination with 2 containers.

The length of the variable semi-trailer can be modified, according to whether it is loaded with one or two containers.

If only one container is transported, the rear part of the semi-trailer frame can be pushed in so that the container can be located in the middle of the semi-trailer, for optimum weight distribution.

The containers are equipped with movable doors which allow convenient loading and unloading.

Scaled at 1:50

Product Dimensions:

w x d x h (mm)

317 x 59 x 81

Suitable for ages 3+