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Siku – RAM 1500 with Compressor Trailer

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Siku - RAM 1500 with Compressor Trailer

The RAM 1500 is the monster of the American pick-up world.

Eight cylinders and bursting with performance, so that on the construction site it can be used as a tractor.

The pick-up has a trailer with compressor attached to its drawhook.

This allows the work gang to be on the spot quickly as a mobile construction site unit when the pneumatic hammer is needed to break open the road surface.

Start the compressor, open up the compressor’s engine cover to allow cooling, put on your helmet and hearing protection – and get stuck into the work.

The construction site team is easily visible from afar, thanks to the yellow/orange clothing.

In addition, the construction site is protected by the barriers and beams included in the set.

Ages 3+ years