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Siku – Police Boat

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Siku - Police Boat

Smuggling on the water! The spray splashes on the bow.

With full force, the police boat rushes through the water, sets course for a fast motorboat. The police pursue smugglers, turn on the blue and red flashing LED signal lights and the electric horn.

The smugglers do not turn in, try to flee from territorial waters. The police only have the option of stopping the smuggler's boat with a water cannon: water march! For this purpose, water can be filled into the cannon and pressure is generated with a plug.

The boat is hit with the water cannon, the police pull the boat on a leash to the police boat with the winch. At the stern, a flap is unfolded and the boat is pulled on board.

Done: The smugglers are caught.

The new SIKUWORLD police boat is buoyant and can be powered by an adapter with common motors of other system toys.

As an accessory, a large buoy is also included when the boat drops anchor.

Suitable for ages 3+