siku - Mercedes-Benz Truck with tank containersiku - Mercedes-Benz Truck with tank container

Siku – Mercedes-Benz Truck with tank Container

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Siku - Mercedes-Benz Truck with tank Container

Liquid raw materials and gases are traded and processed worldwide – and are transported in tank containers.

By sea, rail, and indeed by road.

This is where the new SIKU SUPER50 Mercedes-Benz Arocs with its three-axle semi-trailer provides the transport.

The container is mounted in a frame, and can be unloaded and stacked, just like the original.

The valves of the filling nozzles can be opened and the tank filled with water.

The frame of the semi-trailer can be extended, and then two containers can be transported.

And the truck has a really thrilling function.

The driver’s cab can be tilted forward, and this exposes the powerful diesel engine.

Suitable for ages 3+