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Siku – Fire Station

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Siku - Fire Station

Emergency call in the control center of the SIKUWORLD fire station: it's burning!

The fire brigade is immediately ready for action, the roller shutter is pushed open and the fire truck is already on its way.

With the integrated Light & Sound module with flashing LEDs and six different sounds, the children's room becomes the place of use.

From the roof of the small shop in the neighborhood the flames are already beating, good that right next to it is the hydrant with hose and syringe.

With the new fire station, SIKUWORLD continues to grow. The two-storey building can be put together according to the clearly illustrated instructions. The building elements are also used to create very individual buildings in L or U shape or to grow into a multi-storey building.

The modular design and the stability of the plug-in system set no limits to the creativity of the children. The siku plug-in system playfully promotes the child's motor and cognitive abilities.

The possibility to create something without the help of adults also strengthens self-confidence. The fire station is compatible with the other sets of SIKUWORLD, but can also be played alone.

With the hydrant with hose and syringe, slide bar, roller shutter, satellite system and the windsock, the fire wax is equipped in great detail.

The helipad on the roof of the building and the rapid descent promise a lot of fun. Already included are a fire engine and the fire brigade helicopter.

Of course, SIKUWORLD can be equipped with the many siku fire engines.

Set-up time: 32 minutes

Suitable for ages 3+