Plan Toys – Happy Puppy

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Plan Toys - Happy Puppy

ACTIVE PLAY: Take the Happy Puppy for a walk down the street or through the park!

Pulling the puppy along engages children's fine and gross motor skills while also inviting them to practice walking on their own two feet.

Watch the toy wiggle and wag as it's pulled.


Handmade using sustainable rubberwood non-toxic water-based dyes and planet-friendly manufacturing practices the Happy Puppy is free from harmful chemicals and sharp edges - making it optimally safe for little ones.


Imaginative thinking is supported as children pull the puppy along like a real pet.

Fine and gross motor skills are enhanced while grasping pulling and walking alongside the puppy.

Concentration and hand-eye coordination are also developed as children focus on walking in a straight line to keep the puppy moving pulling the toy with enough force to propel it forward and maintaining balance to keep the puppy upright.

Suitable for ages 12 months and older.

Product Dimensions

7.2x11.6x22.6 cm


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