Mudpuppy Game – Chomp ChampMudpuppy Game – Chomp Champ

Mud Puppy – Chomp Champ Game

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Mud Puppy - Chomp Champ Game

Kids and families will love spending quality time together enjoying Mudpuppy’s games.

Unplug, practice strategy and quick reaction skills, and have fun with engaging artwork and original gameplay.

The jawsome game of fast-acting fun.

A fun twist on the classic game of spoons.

  • Includes 40 cards,

  • 4 shark tiles,

  • 30 shark tooth tokens,

  • and instructions

  • Box Size: 17 x 20 x 4 cm

  • 3-5 players

  • Ages 5+

Collect 4-of-a-kind and grab a shark tile.

All other players then race to grab a shark tile, trying not to be the player left without one.

The player left without a shark loses a shark tooth token.

Lose 6 shark teeth and you’re out!