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Heebie Jeebies – Terra Sphere

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Heebie Jeebies - Terra Sphere

Mixing carnivorous plants with a prehistoric scene makes for a thrilling learning adventure!

The simple dome provides a greenhouse environment for your garden helping to maintain the humidity levels for optimum growing conditions.

The bio dome uses a unique hydration wick that hydrates the plants, making it east to know when your Terra Sphere needs more water. It should always be 1/3 full.

The bio dome roof reduces the amount of water need and creates healthy environment for your plants.

Included in box:

  • 3 x packets of plant seeds - Sundrew, Red Sorrel and Ryegrass

  • 3 x peat pellets

  • 3 x dinosaur figurines

  • 1 x bio dome

  • 1 x water tray

  • 1 x hydration wick

  • 1 x bag of vermiculite

Suitable for ages 3+