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Sylvanian Family – Hot Dog Van

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Sylvanian Family - Hot Dog Van

The hot dog van has arrived in Sylvania and includes over 40 pieces!

Cooking up snacks for Sylvanians on their way to and from adventures in Sea Breeze Cape.

There is a special uniform and sun visor, menu, ketchup, orange juice, tongs, hot dogs, buns and pretzels.

Everything you need for a Hot Dog Van.

Set Includes:

  • Hot Dog Van

  • Special shop manager uniform and sun visor

  • Menu

  • 2 bottles of ketchup and mustard

  • A cup of orange juice and a cup of tea

  • Tong

  • 8 hot dog wrappers

  • 6 snack wrappers

  • 3 sausages

  • 3 buns

  • 2 pretzels

  • 5 kinds of hot dogs

  • 2 waffles

  • Rabbit-shaped waffle and squirrel-shaped waffle

Figures not included.

Suitable for ages 3 years +


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