Sylvanian Family – Country Tree School


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Sylvanian Family - Country Tree School

The Country Tree School is such a fun school.

Whilst there is a classroom which comes furnished for lessons for up to 6 Sylvanian children, complete with 6 seats and desks, the teacher's desk and whiteboard, there is also a tree to climb in breaktime.

A balcony overlooking the beautiful Sylvanian scenery provides the perfect platform for pupils to get inspired for their art lessons or spot some wildlife.

For any little star-gazers, there is a telescope fitted to the roof which can also be connected to the tree for a better view.

Finally, there is also a wooden bench for your little Sylvanians to relax after many hours practising their sums and ABCs.


  • 1 school classroom

  • 1 tree

  • 2 desks

  • 6 chairs

  • 1 teacher's desk

  • 1 whiteboard

  • 1 bench

  • assorted accessories

Suitable for ages 3 years +

On sale due to a faded box


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