chalk and chuckles - my little cabbagechalk and chuckles - my little cabbage

Chalk and Chuckles – My Little Cabbage

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Chalk and Chuckles - My Little Cabbage

The McSquirrels loved storing stuff.

But they soon ran out of space to store their things – until they found a big, juicy cabbage!

Can you find all the fun treasures that the McSquirrels are hiding in the soft, stuffed cabbage?

Match pairs of textured cards by digging into the cabbage, or play a game of hide and seek and spot the missing squirrels.

The skills developed in this game are observation, tactile awareness & discrimination, imaginative play and communication.

The game includes: 5 Squirrel finger puppets, 16 texture tokens, 16 acorn counters, 1 plush cabbage, and instructions.

It is suitable for ages 3 +

No. of players – 1-4