Cayro - Magnetic LettersCayro - Magnetic Letters

Cayro – Magnetic Letters

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Cayro - Magnetic Letters

You can create all the words and names you could possibly imagine with these magnetic letters. Set contains 60 colourful and bright patterned magnetic letters.


A x3 B x2 C x2 D x2 E x3 F x2 G x2 H x2 I x3 J x3 K x6 L x3 M x3 N x3 O x3 P x2 Q x2 R x2 S x2 T x2 U x2 V x2 W x2 X x2 Y x2 Z x2 ' x3

Made with recycled plastic: Recycled plastic or plastic that has been reused from any leftover from the production process has been used to make the game.

Made without single-use plastic: Single-use plastics, in other words any plastic that has to be thrown out once the toy is opened, are no longer used. They may contain reusable resealable bags to store components as these are not for single use.

Product size 21cm x 15cm x 4cm ages 3