Cayro - Burning BakeryCayro - Burning Bakery

Cayro – Burning Bakery

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Cayro - Burning Bakery

Marcelo, the baker of our village, has lost his 5 senses and can no longer make bread. Do we help Marcelo to recover...?:

  • Sight, so that the bread does not burn.

  • Touch, to knead the bread well and make it fluffy.

  • Smell, so that the smell of the bread warns you that it is at its point.

  • Taste, so that the bread is neither too salty nor too sweet.

  • Hearing, so you can hear the buzzer of the oven in time.

Made of FSC wood

  • Ages: 2-6

  • Players: 2-4

  • Playtime approx.: 15 Minutes