Sylvanian Families – Beechwood Hall Gift Set


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Sylvanian Families - Beechwood Hall Gift Set

The Beechwood Hall is a luxurious Sylvanian Families house has five rooms spread across two floors.

Beechwood Hall comes complete with a reversible floor panel, which can be used to add additional living space,

or even create a makeshift garden. Boasting an impressive balcony, this house also has a moveable staircase.

The unique selling point of Beechwood Hall is that it is connectable to the

Cosy Cottage a first-time buyer favourite amongst Sylvanian Families collectors making

this a great property for those looking to grow their Sylvanian Village.

Beechwood Hall has 2 working lights which can be operated individually,

and these required 2*AA batteries which are not included.

Also included are 2 Walnut Squirrel Figurines and furniture for bedroom and living room.

Age: 3 yrs+


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