Olli Ella – Lyra Moses Rattan Basket


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Olli Ella - Lyra Moses Rattan Basket

Keep your little one dreaming in their first bed, the Lyra Moses Basket.

A new take on the traditional bassinet, the Lyra is comfortable, lightweight, comes equipped with a sturdy handle, and is large enough to easily transport a sleeping baby from room to room.

The Lyra Moses Basket is handmade with 100% Natural Rattan and comes with a cushion mattress.

Easy to transport and store

Use the handle to hang our Raya, Mushroom or Acorn Rattle or your baby's favourite toys to keep them entertained.


• Handwoven with love using 100% natural Rattan
• Comes with a cushion mattress made of Organic Cotton outer & PU foam inner
• Lyra Mattress Covers are sold separately
• Item is compatible with standard Moses Basket stands
• Holds weights of up to 10kg

Dimensions: L72cm x H35cm (with handle 40cm) x W40cm

Weight: 3.5 kg

***Shipping is not available due to the size of this product

***Pick up in store only


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