knex – Bunch of Builds Building Set


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knex - Bunch of Builds Building Set

Give your child a head start in creating and building with the Imagine knex - Bunch of Builds Building Set.

Level up your children's playtime and let them learn the basic principles of building with this educational toy that promotes skill development.

Bring back the joy of playing without the use of digital screens with this toy pack that will keep them interested for months!

The Bunch of Builds Building Set contains 353 brightly coloured parts and pieces that are made of premium plastic.

It includes classic and micro-sized rods and connectors that let builders create awesome constructions,

ranging from simple buildings to grand structures.

Additionally, the mini treasure chest-style box included in this set facilitates hassle-free cleanup and storage of the parts and pieces.

You can store your built models or keep the loose pieces in the chest and bring it with you on family trips.

Let your child bring their imaginings to life with this set that allows the creation of three-dimensional models!

Suitable for ages 5 - 10 years


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