knex – Budding Builders Value Set


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knex - Budding Builders Value Set

Make learning more fun and exciting with the Budding Builders Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Help your child learn the basic concepts of building with a toy set that lets them learn while playing!

Promote creativity as you introduce your children to the art of creating with a toy that lets them not only have fun, but express their ideas!

This building set contains 100 parts, in vibrant colors and with premium-quality construction.

It includes special pieces such as colorful eyes, curly tails, flappy ears, big feet, bendable joints,

and spinning propellers your child can use to create a whimsical interpretation of his favorite animal!

Allow your builders to craft basic-looking figures on their own, and guide them in constructing

complex structures that will ignite their curiosity!Each Budding Builders Building Set

comes with an instructions sheet that contains step-by-step procedures and 50 building ideas.

Suitable for ages 3 -5 years



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