Happy Planet Toys – Reef Rescue Crew


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Happy Planet Toys - Reef Rescue Crew

Bath Toys

For ages 2+


Make bath time extra fun with the Reef Rescue Crew – Dave the Dolphin, Tilda the Turtle and Barbara the Butterfly Fish.

The Crew live in and around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and are ready to take pre-schoolers on adventures through the ocean.

Made in Australia from recycled Australian plastic, and compatible with the Reef Express, these fun characters each have their own human accessory,

allowing children to easily relate to them and create their own world of imaginative water play.

Product details

  • Dimensions:

    • Dave the Dolphin: L 10.1cm, W 6.1cm, H 5.79cm

    • Tilda the Turtle: L 9.3cm, W 7.25cm, H 2.83cm

    • Barbara the Butterfly Fish: L 7.59cm, W 3.52cm, H 5.87cm

  • Weight:

    • Dave the Dolphin: 29.2g

    • Tilda the Turtle: 21.2g

    • Barbara the Butterfly Fish: 17.0g

  • Made from recycled plastic that is free from BPA and Phthalates.

  • Meets Australian food contact standards.

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  • Safety:

    • AS/NZS ISO 8124 certified

    • Not suitable for children under two years

    • Our toys are made to the highest standard but if used incorrectly, could break. Dispose of toys immediately if you see any broken pieces.

    • This is not a life-saving device - it should only be used in shallow water and under the supervision of an adult.