Fat Brain – Crankity


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Fat Brain - Crankity

The objective is simple: just build a puzzle solution between the red gear and the yellow wheel.

When the gear teeth interlock, you’ll be able to turn the wheel and send the whole contraption spinning.

  • It’s a gear-connecting, brainteasing contraption

  • Encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration

  • Get your brain cranking!

  • Perfect for travel

  • Multiple solutions to each puzzle are possible

  • Player must use all gears printed on the puzzle card

  • You can move any of the gears around the grid except the red and yellow

  • Gears must fit into a peg hole

  • Gears may extend over the edge of the playing surface

  • Player may or may not have to use all gears to complete a puzzle (see puzzle for pieces you MUST use)

  • Four levels of problem-solving (Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra-Hard)

  • Includes: 15 gears, gear tray, storage bag, 40 puzzles