Dena Toys – Kid 6pc + House 6pc Pastel


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Dena Toys - Kid 6pc + House 6pc Pastel

The dëna Toys pack contains twelve pieces: 6x  dëna kid pieces and 6 x dëna house pieces.

Made from 100% platinum-based silicone.

Great to use both as a teether, and for play.

  • Size of house: 8.4(h) x 7(w) x 3.5(d) cm.

  • Size of kid: 6(h) x 5.5(w) x 3.5(d)cm.

Dëna Toys are a teether and playmate, all in one.

Thanks to its soft material and its design, babies & toddlers will begin to stimulate their creativity from the first day.

They will spend the day experimenting, playing and chewing safely.

With dëna, their first toy is very fun, very safe and very useful for psychomotor development.

Dëna is a fantastic construction game.

Your children will enjoy themselves while developing fine motor skills.

Available in different sets of neon or pastel range.

BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate free.

These products are also dishwasher safe and can be used for cooking, thanks to its high-quality, food grade silicone.