Bling2o - Dream On: Bedtime BlueBling2o - Dream On: Bedtime Blue

Bling2o – Dream On: Bedtime Blue

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Bling2o - Dream On: Bedtime Blue

Summer Skies Blue and Dreamy, relax in Bedtime Blue! Keep your head in the clouds this summer with a blue cloud full of rhinestones and silicone sliders spelling D R E A M across the strap. Our goggles offer a variety of features proving they are the real deal.

Recommended Age Group: 6-15 Years

Our brand of goggles are latex free, lead free and have anti-fog properties. Throughout all the stages of development of our product, we perform the highest quality of control testing programs through highly accredited laboratories. All of the Bling2o products are in accordance with the most stringent global safety standards, CPSIA, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. As a leader in kids’ products and for multiple consumer markets, we are committed to meeting and exceeding now and in the future all the required safety standards enacted for children’s products.